This platform was made possible with the support of the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets led by IFPRI ( The documents and products included on this platform have not yet undergone this program’s peer review process. We expect the content and discussions facilitated by the AgriFood chain toolkit to eventually converge into a more curated and peer-reviewed site hosted by the CGIAR program on Policies, institutions and markets.

There are too few links existing between value chain researchers and value chain practitioners. The AgriFood chain toolkit is designed to help researchers and practitioners overcome this challenge.

The AgriFood chain toolkit acts as a clearing house and learning platform – using the power of information and communication technologies to bring together people and resources. It links the users of value chain resources to those who created them. It supports a community of practice drawing together researchers and practitioners to review, assess and improve value chain approaches. It helps the LF2M community create better-suited tools for value chain analysis and development.

The toolkit is meant to host online resources (document files, links to online documents and websites) that are useful for value chain development activities in developing countries: capacity building, case studies and value chain analysis.

If you have a new resource which is relevant to agrifood marketing in developing countries, and which you would like to share with this community, please submit it below [you can link to something that exists or upload a file to the clearinghouse].

  • The primary objective of your resource or query is to build the capacities of value chain stakeholders (training materials, guide books, Q&A websites, etc.) Click here
  • The resource you are submitting is a detailed case study of one or several agrifood supply chains that are relevant for value chain practitioners in developing countries or you are looking for such case studies Click here
  • The resource you are submitting is a methodology or model for the quantitative analysis of agrifood value chains or describes results using this method or model, or you are interested in such quantitative methods for value chain analysis Click here

See the newest items submitted or select a browse option right side of this page.

Too much content to browse through? Lost and don’t know where to start in your search for value chain tools and materials? Join the LF2M community and ask for help by describing your exact needs with a new discussion here .

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