[Slp_ grant_cimmyt07] <p> The project: Transregional analysis of maize residue use and markets: Implications for the participation of small-scale poor crop–livestock producers and maize improvement programmes aims to improve understanding of the extent and dynamics of maize residue use and markets. Looking at contrasting settings, the project aims to inform maize improvement research in developing countries and thereby optimise the benefits for rural livelihoods, poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability. <p> Researchers conducted scoping studies in India and Mexico, which included consultation with local stakeholders and village surveys. These studies then fed into two research proposals: a) South Asia Case Study, which assesses linkages between crop residues, livelihoods and environmental benefits in smallholder cereal–livestock systems in South Asia, complementing three African case studies to allow for trans-regional analysis; and b) Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia, which addresses cereal productivity enhancement in South Asia, incorporating feed considerations in technology dissemination and development.