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dc.contributor.authorJiménez Jaén, J.J.
dc.contributor.authorMoreno, Alonso
dc.contributor.authorLavelle, Patrick M.
dc.identifier.citationJiménez Jaén, Juan José; Moreno, A.G.; Lavelle, Patrick. 2001. Reproductive strategies of three native earthworm species from the savannas of Carimagua (Colombia). In: Jiménez Jaén, Juan José; Thomas, Richard J. (eds.). Nature`s plow: Soil macroinvertebrate communities in the neotropical savannas of Colombia. Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), Cali, CO. p. 79-86. (CIAT publication no. 324)
dc.description.abstractData on the reproductive biology of three native glossoscolecid species from the Colombian Llanos are presented here. The seasonal dynamics of reproduction varied among the species considered which displayed either one or two reproductive periods per year. Cocoons were laid at different depths to a maximum of 50 cm. The relation between cocoon weight and adult weight was the same for two endogeic species, ca. 6%, whereas for the anecic species the relationship observed was the highest obtained to date for any tropical or temperate earthworm, i.e 16%.
dc.publisherCentro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT)
dc.subjectLIFE CYCLE
dc.subjectCICLO VITAL
dc.titleReproductive strategies of three native earthworm species from the savannas of Carimagua (Colombia)
dc.typeBook Chapter
cg.identifier.statusOpen Access
cg.coverage.regionLATIN AMERICA
cg.coverage.regionSOUTH AMERICA

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