The purpose of the Consortium is to provide leadership to the CGIAR System and coordinate activities among the CGIAR Centers and other partners, within the framework of the Strategic Reference Framework (SRF), to enable them to enhance their individual and collective contribution to the achievement of the CGIAR's vision, through such means as:

  • Fostering a more conducive international environment for agricultural research for development and increasing CGIAR relevance and effectiveness within the institutional architecture for international development
  • Enhancing the impact of Center research through common strategic objectives, programmatic convergence, concerted action and fostering innovation
  • Together with the CGIAR Fund Council, expanding the financial resources available to the Centers to conduct their work
  • Managing the allocation of funds to meet priorities identified in the SRF, and serving as a central point of fiduciary and operational accountability for all funds that pass to the Consortium and/or to the Centers from the Fund
  • Improving the cost-efficiency of each Center and of the CGIAR System as a whole through the provision of advice, shared functions and research platforms, and other means
  • Identifying with the Centers and promoting opportunities to achieve gains in relevance, efficiency and effectiveness

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